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Agricultural Analysis: Enchancing Local Food in Northern Ontario

Through a census analysis of northern Ontario, a detailed analysis of the existing agricultural sector, including trends (e.g. decline or expansion of certain sectors), will be conducted. This data will be analyzed by municipality to develop a better understanding of current production systems as they relate to local food capacity. 

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Farm by Industry Group: Field and Greenhouse Crops, 2011 Agriculture Census

This data from the 2011 census demonstrates that the Temiskaming district had the largest number of farms in the field and greenhouse crop categories. The greenhouse, nursery and floriculture crops have the largest number of farms in every district followed by vegetables and melons, fruit and tree nuts and lastly oilseed and grains.It appears that Temiksaming, Thunder Bay, Nipissing, and Algoma districts have the most farms across the region with a few minor exceptions. 

Farm by Industry Group: Livestock, 2011 Agriculture Census

This graph demonstrates that beef cattle production is considerably higher than other livestock production in northern Ontario. The number of farms for other livestock industries is relatively low with the exception of dairy cattle and milk production in the Thunder Bay and Temiskaming districts. The Thunder Bay district is the only district where dairy cattle and milk production exceeds beef cattle production. Conversely, Rainy River has the highest beef cattle production in the northern districts at approximately 120 farms. 

Agricultural Analysis
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