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Farm Services in Northern Ontario

In attempting to understand the challenges faced by Northern Ontario with regards to locally produced food, this segment of the research focuses on inventorying the existing production and distribution services available to farmers in Northern Ontario. Working with several Northern Ontario organizations including RAIN (Rural Agri-Innovation Network), NOFIA (Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance), Northern Producer Animal Health Network, OFA and OMAFRA, a directory of these services ranging from production level services (veterinarians, crop advisors) to value added services (dairies, creameries) to distribution and retail services has been compiled to both identify where gaps in services exist and to also inform existing and potential Northern Ontario farmers of the existing services available to them. This project attempts to link not only producers and distributors but also various communities through a networked approach. It also identifies systems currently in place to produce and distribute food and will identify best practices for increasing access to local food.

Click on the map to view the interactive layers.


*Note that this is a working document. Please inform us if we have missed a business or service, and we will update the map accordingly. 

To view the research poster presented at the 2017 Rural Symposium, click here

Source: Howes, K. (2017). Farm Services in the North. 

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